Pack Classic Polka Dot (MyBigBag XL and Toiletry Bag)

61,80 55,70 VAT included

Pack Classic

Approximate measurements:

XL: 53x28x43cm

Toiletry Bag: 32x07x23cm

Pack Classic Polka Dot

MyBigBag XL and MyBigBag Toiletry Bag

MyBigBag XL

A large bag perfect for the entire family.

It’s made with a resin-coated fabric, which is why it’s so easy to clean, and it comes with a zipper closure, making it safe and practical to carry wherever you go.

MyBigBag Toiletry Bag

Large toiletry bag perfect for going to the beach with your kids.

Tailored with the same fabric as the MyBigBag bags, but without the resin-coated treatment.
Original terry towelling inside.
High-quality ziplock



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