MyBigBag striped

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MyBigBag, a multipurpose bag for everyone and everything

Approximate measurements:

XL: 53x28x43cm

XXL: 58x28x53cm

Care instructions

  • Machine washable


A large bag perfect for the entire family.

It’s made with a resin-coated fabric, which is why it’s so easy to clean, and it comes with a zipper closure, making it safe and practical to carry wherever you go.

Going away for the weekend? Here’s an amazing tote bag for everything!

Do you need to bring clothes, bedding and towels with you? Its capacity makes it simply perfect.

A fantastic way to bring all your kids’ pails, shovels and toys to the beach.

Or store your duvets.

And for men? They get this to keep their sport equipment in

and… it works for anything and everything.

It completely adapts to your lifestyle.



Do you want the bag cover?

with bag cover, without bag cover


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